Hamas loses its support base in Sudan

Local authorities in Sudan have managed to seize assets that have, for a number of years, provided funding for Hamas.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

Reuters reported that officials in Sudan have announced the takeover of at least a dozen companies that were linked to Hamas.

The report stated that Hamas had lost a base where its members were able to live, make money, and direct Iranian funds and weapons towards the Gaza strip.

The Hamas-linked assets, which were seized by the “dismantling committee”, included real estate, company shares, a hotel in Khartoum, exchange bureau, TV station and “more than a million acres of farmland.”

Empowerment Removal Committee member Wagdi Saleh was quoted in the report saying that “Sudan became a centre for money laundering and terrorism financing.”

A Western intelligence source quoted in the report noted that the operations were carried in a fashion similar to that employed by organized crime; companies – headed by trustee shareholders – would collect rent in cash and funnel it through the aforementioned exchange bureau.

The deposed Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir – overthrown during the December revolution in Sudan – was a vocal supporter of Hamas.

An unnamed member of the graft committee stated that Hamas used to get “preferential treatment in tenders, tax forgiveness, and they were allowed to transfer to Hamas and Gaza with no limits.”

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