US special envoy to Sudan next week following coup attempt

Jeffrey Feltman, the US special envoy to the Horn of Africa, will travel to Sudan next week to “reaffirm support for the civilian-led transition” following the failed coup attempt in Sudan last Tuesday.

Washington: AlTaghyeer

A statement made by US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan revealed that special envoy Feltman will arrive to Sudan a week after a failed coup aimed at to overtaking the transitional government in Sudan was thwarted on Tuesday.

Sullivan announced that Jeffrey Feltman’s travel will aim at reaffirming US support for the civilian-led transition in Sudan and discuss regional security issues.

He warned that any “attempt by military actors to undermine the spirit and agreed benchmarks of Sudan’s constitutional declaration would have significant consequences for US-Sudan bilateral relations and planned assistance.”

The National Security Advisor conveyed US President Joe Biden’s administration’s commitment to a civilian-led transition in Sudan and “opposed any attempts to derail or disrupt the will of the Sudanese people.”

Sullivan had revealed that he had telephoned Sudanese Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok and discussed the importance of the transitional government in Sudan’s “continued progress to stabilize the economy, reform the security sector under civilian leadership, advance Sudan’s peace process, and ensure justice and accountability for past abuses.”

He also revealed that US President John Biden looks forward to hosting and meeting with Prime Minister Hamdok in the near future.

Special Envoy Feltman had visited Sudan earlier in May as part of a US effort to assist in the matter of the stalled Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam negotiations.

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