Jadein: Oil pipelines block a “deadly stranglehold on Sudan”

The Minister of Energy and Petroleum in Sudan described the oil pipelines blockage in Port Sudan as a “stranglehold” that threatens the country.

AlTaghyeer: Ala’a Musa

The Sudanese Minister of Energy and Petroleum said that ten days is a more than enough period to use up the strategic oil reserve in Sudan if the blockade attempts in east Sudan persist.

The Council of Beja Tribal Leaders in Sudan had announced that they will intensify their efforts to sequester the eastern region in Sudan which hosts the entirety of the Red Sea maritime ports in an attempt to have the central transitional government in Khartoum reconcile their demands.

The council’s demands are represented by a desire for a military-council-based government, and a complete rejection of the Juba Peace Agreement’s “eastern path” initiative.

Jadein told AlTaghyeer that the blockade is incredibly detrimental and benefits nobody, and called on the state to intervene and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

“We hope for a response during this period of time in order to avoid any further damages,” he said.

The Minister noted that if the issue was not dealt with quickly, the citizens of Sudan are to expect the return of the fuel crisis, the long queues at petrol pumps, and the unavailability of cooking gas.

He denied that the al-Jayly oil refinery had stopped working and said any claims otherwise are bare of any truth.

The Minister noted that the suspension of exports due to the prevention of ships from transporting crude oil has led to its storage in the main warehouses at the Bashayir Port.

“This will not last more than ten days, after which the warehouses will fill with crude oil, which will then be vulnerable to freezing and damage.”

Jadein estimated that the losses caused by the ships being anchored at the port at about $30,000 per day.

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