“Prosecution” clarifies journalist arrest controversy

The Public Prosecution in Sudan clarified that the controversy surrounding the arrest of Sudanese journalist Attaf Abdelwahab was due to an arrest warrant issued against him by the Empowerment Removal Committee, and was not a case of abduction.

AlTaghyeer: Khartoum

The Public Prosecution office in Sudan revealed that journalist Attaf Abdelwahab was apprehended following an arrest warrant that was issued by the Sudan’s dismantling task force on the basis of a complaint filed against the journalist registered under sections 50 and 51 of the Criminal Law.

News had circulated around social media detailing the “kidnap” of the Sudanese journalist from in-front of his house on Wednesday, and was claimed to have been abducted by car with no number plates and was taken to an unidentified area while “blindfolded”.

The Public Prosecution office released a statement on Friday stating that the information being shared on social media – regarding the details surrounding the journalist’s apprehension – were incorrect.

The statement revealed that Attaf was apprehended as per protocols, by personnel belonging to the Empowerment Removal Committee’s task force.

The Sudanese Journalists Network – a non-government body – apologized for the late clarification surrounding the details of the news story, and acknowledged that it was their duty to identify bodies with state-granted rights to arrest properly and in a timely manner.

The network demanded the competent authorities responsible for enforcing the law to review the methods employed in arresting suspects, particularly during a time where Sudan is suffering from unprecedented internal security issues and the spread of the enforced disappearance phenomena in the country.

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