Hamdok: The conflict is between those who support the democratic transition and those who stand in the way

The PM Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, described the conflict currently taking place in the arena is between believers in the democratic transition and those seeking to block the path leading to it, and stressed that defending the Empowerment Removal Committee is a duty.

Khartoum: Altraghyeer

The PM stated that the current conflict is not a conflict between military institution and civilians, but rather a conflict between those who believe in the democratic civil transformation of civilians and military personnel and who seek to block the road ahead from both sides.

He said, “Therefore, the unity of the revolutionary forces is the guarantee to fortify the transition from all the threats that obstruct its path.”

Hamdok commented for the first time on the intense disputes and media exchanges that escalated between the civilian and military components of the transitional government, which amounted to a threat of crowds and direct confrontation.

In a statement on the national TV, on Sunday evening, Hamdok called on all parties to strictly abide by the constitutional document, to stay away from unilateral stances, to shoulder their full responsibilities, and to bear a high patriotic spirit that prioritizes the interest of the country and the people over everything else.

He assured that the committee to dismantle the empowerment of the gains of the revolution, and defending and preserving it is a duty, and stressed that there is no retreat from the dismantling of the June thirtieth regime because the dismantling of the rescue is a constitutional entitlement that supports civil democratic transformation, and it is an uncompromising goal.

Hamdok welcomed all the recent reactions from all parties regarding the initiative.

He reiterated that it is an initiative of all Sudanese, and said, “I will work hard in the coming days to move it forward until it reaches its goals set by the initiative.”

The PM initiative, which he launched last June, was met with mixed reactions, and a number of entities, including the military component, expressed their displeasure for not being represented in the initiative’s executive mechanism.

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