Abiy Ahmed: We hope Sudan overcomes its ordeal

The Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, has warned of the plans of evil forces that wish to impose their hegemony and interfere in the affairs of the Horn of Africa.
Khartoum: AlTaghyeer
On Tuesday, the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, said that Sudan will overcome its current ordeal, without external interference.
The relationship between civilians and the military became tense after a war of words that followed the thwarting of a failed coup attempt.
The civilians believe that it was the result of the lack of reform of the military institution, while the military believe that it was a logical effect of the fragmentation of politicians and their scramble for power.
In a letter addressed to the Sudanese, Ahmed said: “We wish Sudan to overcome its current ordeal with its usual wisdom and professionalism.”
He added, “We believe that Sudan should not, under any circumstances, allow external interference and apparent and hidden dictates.”
The relationship of Sudan and Ethiopia is witnessing a state of decline due to the crisis of the Renaissance Dam and the conflict over the border region of Al-Fashqa.
Ethiopia accuses Sudan of being subservient to Egyptian agendas, especially in the dam issue.
Ahmed expressed his confidence in the ability of the Sudanese institutions that emerged from the requirements of the people and their revolution.
The Ethiopian Prime Minister stressed that his country’s government sympathizes with brotherly Sudan by virtue of the bond of brotherhood, common destiny and civilized communication throughout history.

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