Appeals court rules for executing Abdel Shakour’s killer

The appeal court upheld the death sentence of an officer in the Rapid Support Forces, who was convicted of murdering protester Hanafi Abdel Shakour.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

On Monday, a Sudanese appeals court upheld a judicial ruling against an officer in the RSF, who was convicted of murdering Hanafi Abdel Shakour.

Last May, the judge of the Supreme Court and Omdurman Criminal Court, Salah Mahjoub, issued a ruling to execute the Major of the Rapid Support Forces, Youssef Mohieddin Al-Faki, after he was convicted of killing Hanafi Abdel Shakour in the events that followed the massacre of the General Command.

The Court of Appeal ordered that the convict’s papers be referred to the Supreme Court.

Abdul Shakour died in the Doha neighborhood of Omdurman, after being deliberately ran over by a box-car belonging to the RSF driven by the convict.

Al-Faki previously worked in the security services of the former regime, which was notorious for practising abuse against the Sudanese revolutionaries.

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