Hemedti reveals new details surrounding failed coup

The deputy of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemedti), continued the war of words against his civilian partners in the transitonal government of Sudan.
AlTaghyeer: Sarah Taj al-Sir
On Tuesday, the Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemedti), revealed new details about the recent failed coup attempt, and in parallel, he continued to escalate against the civilian component of the transitional government.
Hemedti’s statements attacking the civilian component came despite the mediation led by international entities to reduce the media level between the two parties.
Speaking to the officers and soldiers of the Rapid Support Forces in Karari camp, north of the Sudanese capital, Hemedti said that planning for the latest coup began 11 months ago in complete secrecy, and that the architect of the last coup and the one that preceded it.
However, he did not give more details and explanations about the side behind the two coups.
At dawn last Tuesday, the army thwarted a coup aimed at seizing power led by officers and soldiers of different ranks.
Hemedti confirmed that the army was aware of all the details of the coup except for the zero hour.
He added: If the putschists had not been brought under control until 12 o’clock, there would have been another situation.
He reassured those who feared the attack on the civil authority, by saying: “Now, there is no coup do not be worry”
Hemedti sent a message to civilians in power, which read: “If the coup took place, the people would choose to be in another country, they would not be in Sudan, while we have no choice, whether victory or martyrdom.”
He noted that wearing khaki (military uniform) is not a crime, and demanded that it be respected.
He downplayed the call of Sovereign Council member Muhammad al-Faki Suleiman, to protect civilian rule.
And he continued: “Foot on Saturday met Sunday, you did not do anything.
Hemedti pointed out that there was a breach in the constitutional document, as its provisions were not adhered to, that the government should consist of independent national competencies.
He blamed the executive branch for the deteriorating economic conditions in the country.
He said: The living situation has become difficult in Sudan, and it is the responsibility of the executive body, and we can not put it down as a military component as if the matter did not concern us.
He continued: “We, as a military component, are not talking? We do not say this is wrong, I mean we remain silent, we listen and obey.”
He added: We have nothing to fear, and we are ready to entrust the media with all the recordings of the meetings of the Sovereign Councils and Ministers from the first day.
In the meantime, he acknowledged the existence of chaos that is taking the country into the abyss.
Urging the enactment of deterrent laws to organize demonstrations and protests to protect people’s rights.
The commander of the Rapid Support Forces demanded a confrontation with those who claim to be “the revolutionaries”.
And he added: “Democracy does not mean chaos.”


He stressed the army’s commitment to implementing the Juba Peace Agreement, and the accompanying security arrangements, and the joint forces, despite the financial problems.
He saluted the armed forces and the rapid support and said that they injected the blood of the Sudanese as he described it.
The commander of the Rapid Support Forces reiterated their commitment to bringing the country to democratic rule and protecting Sudan’s people and borders.
This is Hemedti’s third speech in a week, and carries with it a stern attack on civilians.

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