Lawsuit against Hadandawa chief Tirk in the works

Several Sudanese citizens are filing a lawsuit against the chief of the Hadandawa tribe and his supporters who orchestrated the blocking of the roads leading to eastern Sudan.

AlTaghyeer: Khartoum

A number of Sudanese citizens have decided to pursue the leader of the Supreme Beja Council, chief of the Hadandawa tribe, Mohammed Mohammed Ahmad al-Amin Tirk, legally.

Charges are to be brought up against Tirk and others for compromising state sovereignty, threatening the transitional period, inciting hatred, violence, and sectarianism, attempting to destroy the Sudanese economy through closing down the national road linking between the east and Khartoum, and the blockage of pipelines that transport oil to South Sudan.

Tirk has spearheaded the national road blockade at several different eastern points that had aimed to stifle the shipping process from and to the port in the east and the rest of the country.

A government delegation visiting east Sudan this Sunday managed to strike an accord with the protesters in the east that would allow the pipelines to continue exporting oil to South Sudan through the Bashayir port

Other port amenities however still remain closed in anticipation of the crisis’ complete resolution.

According to SUNA, a case has been opened against Tirk bearing the number ((38)) pertaining to terrorism and crimes against the state.

The complaint was filed against Tirk by lawyer Iman Hassan Abdel Rahim, journalist Hamid Saeed, Abdullah Ali from the West Omdurman resistance committees, and others belonging to resistance committees from other areas in Khartoum.

The Public Prosecutor’s office in Sudan addressed the Red Sea state authorities for inquiries surrounding the oil pipelines blockage, the road linking the east to Khartoum being blocked, the dismantling of the railroad tracks, and the amount of damages brought on the state by Tirk and his followers.

The public prosecution in Sudan stated that no efforts have been made so far to apprehend Tirk due to them still waiting for the Red Sea state government to respond to the aforementioned inquiries, in order to supplement the report with witness accounts and testimonies regarding these transgressions.

The people filing the complaints were informed that more steps were to be taken in the case of the report filing procedures’ completion.

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