Wheat Chamber declares: “Situation is reassuring”

The Wheat Technical Chamber reassured that stockpile will suffice after growing fears over the closure of the road linking Sudan’s ports to the capital, Khartoum having affected the supply of wheat.

AlTaghyeer: Amal Muhammad al-Hassan

The rapporteur of the Technical Chamber of Wheat and Flour in Sudan, Engineer Asaad Hassan, confirmed to AlTaghyeer that there are strategic wheat stocks in two states, in addition to wheat in the Red Sea state.

Hassan stressed that the state of subsidized flour is reassuring so far, and unaffected by the closure of eastern Sudan.

Hassan told AlTaghyeer that “there are stocks in the Northern State and Gezira state.”

He pointed out that any state’s need for flour could be covered immediately, and that “at any moment we can move the strategic stockpile to places of need.”

The rapporteur described the current flour situation as “reassuring”, and expressed his hope that the eastern Sudan crisis would end as soon as possible.

He noted the flow of distribution from flour mills to the bakeries is at 65%.

The Supreme Council of the Beja Tribal leaders, led by the head of the Handandawa, Mohammed Ahmad al-Amin Tirk, barricaded the national road on September 17 at the Aqaba region, which is the road that connects the ports on the Red Sea with the rest of the country.

Sudan had received the fourth US shipment of wheat during 2021, amounting to 50,000 tons, and two other shipments are expected to arrive before the end of the year to complete the US aid grant of 300,000 tons.

According to the Technical Chamber, US aid will be increased from next year 2022, and expectations indicate an increase of “120” thousand tons, to reach the total aid of “420” thousand tons that may continue until the year 2024.

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