Sudanese migrant , 16, found dead in Calais

A 16 year old Sudanese migrant only identified as Yasser died in Calais after having been run over by a lorry.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

According to The National, a friend of the deceased reported that Yasser was fleeing “oppression and death” that he found in his homeland of Sudan.

The report stated that Yasser met his fate while attempting to cross from Calais in Northern France into the UK in search for a living, stowed inside a lorry truck.

The National reported that Yasser had tried to climb aboard the lorry at a parking area before he was ran over, and was left “fatally injured” in the middle of the road.

A source only identified as Mohammed told The National that Yasser’s stay in northern France was met with hostility, with locals cutting holes in his tent during the cold and blocking them from receiving food and water from humanitarian groups.

“Yasser escaped death to meet death,” the source told The National.

Yasser’s unfortunate death is not the first instance where a Sudanese man had met his demise in the Calais.

Last year, a 16 year old Sudanese migrant, Abdulfattah Hamdallah, had also died on the Sangatte beach near the former “jungle” camp in Calais, in an incident that UK Home Secretary Priti Patel described as an “upsetting and tragic loss of a young life.”

Last year, after almost 5,000 migrants reaching Britain, Patel vowed to adopt a tougher strategy and vowed to turn back boats attempting to cross the channel separating the north of France and the UK.

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