Troika urges end to east Sudan blockade

The Troika (US, UK, and the Norway) announced its support for the Sudanese government’s efforts in resolving the protests in east Sudan.

AlTaghyeer: Khartoum

An official statement released by the Troika announced that it will join the Sudanese government’s civilian faction in calling for an end to the blockade in east Sudan that has targeted ports and the transportation infrastructure.

The statement encouraged the political leaders in east Sudan to “take up their government’s offer to address grievances through meaningful political dialogue rather than engage in action that serves to only harm the nation’s economy.”

The Troika nations also stated that they fully recognize the development challenges facing the citizens of eastern Sudan, and promised to continue working with Sudan’s civilian led government to address said challenges.

They also urged the international community to fully support the civilian-led Sudanese government’s efforts in resolving the matter of the unrest in east Sudan and putting an end to the ongoing blockades which are threatening the entirety of Sudan economically.

The blockade that has targeted the ports in Port Sudan and the national road linking the east of Sudan to Khartoum came upon the request of the leader of the Beja tribal leaders council, the leader of the Hadandawa  ,  tribe Sayed Mohammed Tirk, in an effort to the government into acknowledging his demands for “the resolution of the civilian government, the installation of a military regime, and the disbanding of the Empowerment Removal Committee.”

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