Arrest warrant for Petronas country manager issued

The government in Sudan has issued an arrest warrant against the country manager for the Malaysian oil giant Petronas.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

Turkish news agency Daily Sabah reported that Petronas, following its attempt to amicably resolve the issue with the Sudanese government via the help of the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, had exhausted all diplomatic channels to resolve the issue.

Last week, it was reported that Sudan, through the Empowerment Removal Committee, was looking to confiscate Petronas assets that it had alleged the company acquired illegally during Omar al-Bashr’s era.

“Many other countries that have made a lot of investments in Sudan are also monitoring the situation closely. They are worried that they may be the next target of the transitional government,” sources told the Turkish news agency.

Petronas is not the only company that has been targeted by the Empowerment Removal Committee in Sudan, as just recently, a Chinese company working in infrastructure in Sudan had also been probed by the committee.

Fu Hong Constructions, which is reportedly ran by a Chinese couple living in Sudan, was a target of the committee, and was first reported in the Hong Kong Post to have been able to enjoy millions of dollars through inflating the cost of projects and paying kickbacks as quid pro quo.”

The said kickbacks were then channeled to prominent members of the deposed Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir’s previous regime, including al-Bashir himself and his deputy.

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