Northern to send 10,000 tons of wheat to Khartoum

The authorities in Sudan have resorted to the strategic wheat stock in the northern state in order to tackle the bread crisis in Khartoum.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Sources have revealed to AlTaghyeer that shipments of wheat belonging to the strategic reserve stock of the Nothern state have arriving to the capital, Khartoum.

The closure of the eastern region of the country has led to complications in the provision of bread in Khartoum, with hundreds of people lining up in front of bakeries daily, and schools having cut down hours to half.

A source belonging to the government in the Northern state has confirmed that a number of trucks belonging to a number of wheat mills (Sayga, Wheata) are ready to head to Khartoum at a moment’s notice.

The source told AlTaghyeer  that he estimates that about 10,000 tons of wheat is expected to arrive to Khartoum.

Groups of citizens in the Northern state had voiced their complaints regarding the transport of wheat from Dongola to Khartoum due to fears of an elongated closure of the eastern portion of Sudan.

A delegation sent by the Council of Ministers however held talks with the disapproving groups, and convinced them that the strategic reserve of wheat was the state’s property and did not belong to the Northern state alone.

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