UNITAMS delegation meets Beja council leader Tirk

The UNITAMS delegation met the head of the Beja Tribal Leaders Council, Muhammad al-Amin Tirk, in the town of Sinkat and discussed with him his demands and lifting the ban on the port and the national road.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer: Amal Muhammed al-Hassan

The delegation of the UN transition support mission (UNITAMS), visiting the Red Sea State, on Wednesday, discussed all the political and economic issues in the East that led to the current crisis.

The mission’s delegation, led by the head of the political department, Stephen Corrie, met with the head of the Beja Council, Muhammad al-Amin Tirk, in the town of “Sinkat”.

Corrie discussed with Tirk the blockade imposed on the road and national road by him, and his demands.

She also met the Governor of the Red Sea, Abdullah Shangaray, who reiterated his call for a peaceful political solution.

An informed source revealed to AlTaghyeer the mission’s planning to meet those affected by the closure, led by representatives of transport companies, and added that the delegation also plans to “visit the besieged port.”

The source revealed that a meeting will be held today at the Red Sea University, in addition to a meeting of the mission’s representative with young leaders, resistance committees, and women’s groups.

According to the source, the delegation of the UN mission received the initiative of the civilian forces, which will play a mediating role between the transitional government and the Beja Council.

Corrie will hold meetings with civil groups supporting “the East path”, to hear all points of view on the issue, which is the primary reason for the unrest in Eastern Sudan.

A source close to Tirk stressed the Beja council’s leader’s adherence to canceling the eastern route in his meeting with the UN mission’s delegation.

He said that UNITAMS will continue meetings with all components of the East until next Saturday, and that “the delegation will request another meeting with Tirk individually.”

The source, who preferred to their name be withheld, added that the developments of events will determine whether or not the head of the UNITAMS delegation, Volker Perthes, will visit the east.

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