Sudan rejects Israel “observer” status in African Union

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sudan announced its objection to Israel being granted an “observer” membership in the African Union.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The ministry in Sudan, in a statement, declared its “absolute refusal and rejection” of the “observer” seat being given to Israel within the African Union.

According to SUNA, the ministry’s statement also said that “this completely contradicts with the essence of the principals of the African Union.

In July, Israel announced that it had joined the African Union as an observer state, an announcement that drew condemnation from Algeria, Djibouti, and South Africa, who described the decision to make Israel an AU observer as ‘’shocking”.

Sudan’s refusal comes despite both it and Israel having formally normalized relations at the end of last year, and officially signed the Abrahams Accord on January 2020.

Despite the normalization, Sudan has voiced frustration with the outcome of the Israel normalization deal, citing insufficient US investment as main source of discontent. The relationship between Sudan and Israel also suffered from lack of communication, with US president Joe Biden’s cabinet requesting the Israeli side engage with the civilian portion of Sudan’s transitional government more.

Last month, a Sudanese diplomat was quoted to have revealed to Israeli broadcaster Kan that a signing ceremony was needed for both Sudan and Israel to publicize their relations.

However, last Wednesday, a public meeting encounter between a Sudanese and Israeli post normalization took place, with the Minister of Justice in Sudan Nasredeen Abdulbari meeting with Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Idan Roll and Regional Cooperation Minister Esawi Frej in Abu Dhabi.

A Sudanese security delegation headed by the Rapid Support Forces’ second in command Abdel Rahim Dagalo had also reportedly visited Israel secretly to discuss bilateral ties.

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