Khartoum governor: Armed forces removed barricades securing sovereignty headquarters

The Governor of Khartoum called for an urgent meeting for the state’s security committee following operations carried out by democracy resistant forces with the intent of leaving sovereignty headquarters unguarded.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Ayman Khalid Nimr, the Governor of Khartoum, announced that cement barricades placed before sovereignty and government headquarters were removed earlier today by an armed group that had claimed it belonged to the armed resistance forces.

The removal of the barricades comes only hours before a march against the government, organized by leaders of the armed movements participating in executive government, is set to take place.

Nimr, in a statement, noted that the police and intelligence forces were surprised during their routine duties of securing sovereignty headquarters with an armed group claiming to be affiliated with the armed movements, and a group of cars intercepting their work and removing the barricades.

The government authorities in Khartoum had stressed on securing the government headquarters around the capital, especially with talks having emerged regarding plans to storm the Council of Ministers’ headquarters.

Among the groups that have announced their presence in Saturdays march are the remnants of the deposed regime, members of the dissolved an outlawed National Congress party, and political forces that have been loyal to Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir all the way until his overthrow by popular protests in April of 2019.

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