Jaffar Hassan to AlTaghyeer: Authorities doing their best to ensure protestors’ safety

Jaffar Hassan, a leading member of the Freedom and Change Coalition, has ruled out the probability of clashes between the demonstrators and other parties in the demonstrations taking place.

AlTaghyeer:  Elfadil Ibrahim

In comments made to AlTaghyeer, Jaffar Hassan stated that he believes that the resistance committees put in commendable efforts in planning the paths of today’s demonstrations, and that the executive authorities in the country are doing their best to ensure the demonstrators’ safety during the processions.

“The revolutionaries and the proponents of democracy have chosen the peaceful option before and succeeded in overthrowing the vilest of dictatorships,” Hassan said. “Today, they march to protect the country’s democratic transition.”

Jaffar Hassan also called on the protestors not to be driven towards any confrontations that stray away from the processions that support the democratic transitions, adding that the entirety of the Freedom Forces Coalition leaders will be present among the protestors.

After a protest erupted in Khartoum on the 16th of this month that called for the dissolution of the civilian component of the transitional government and the complete takeover of the military component of the transitional authority, the leaders within the civilian half called on the Sudanese citizens who wish to preserve the democratic transition to march in protest.

In response, the Sudanese public announced a planned march in Khartoum and various other areas in other Sudanese states to show solidarity with the civilian government, set to take place on the 21st of October.

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