Public Prosecution announces 21st October preparations

The Public Prosecution in Sudan announced that it is forming a special group  led by him personally designed to oversee the 21st of October processions, with tens of prosecutors working on securing the processions.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Public Prosecution in Sudan announced it will be forming a central room within its office, headed by Sudanese Public Prosecutor Mubarak Mahmoud Othman, to supervise and protect the 21st of October processions.

Khartoum, and other states in Sudan, are expected to witness a large number of demonstrations in response to a request made by the Freedom Forces Coalition and other political powers in Sudan, in order to support the democratic transition in Sudan.

In a press release, the public Prosecutor’s office decided to spread 40 of its agents across different parts of Khartoum, and called for the prosecutions’ offices all over Sudan to take the necessary steps to secure the perimeters for the processions.

A judiciary source revealed to AlTaghyeer that the prosecution’s decision came due to complications related to the presence of the Republican Palace sit-in; a counter protest that took off on the 16th of October calling for a military coup and the dissolution of the civilian government.

The source also assured that all processions will be accompanied by police forces to ensure the citizens’ safety, and that tear gas will not be deployed unless they approve of it.

The Sudanese police’s press office announced that, after a meeting held among police leaderships in Sudan, the police forces are alertness and readiness to secure the processions.

The Sudanese police’s leadership also called on the Sudanese people to help them by abiding by their peacefulness, and to express themselves in a peaceful, civilized manner that ensures the people and the homeland’s safety.

Fears of clashes between the demonstrators and the counter protestors from the Republican Palace sit-in are very high, and previous demonstrations in Sudan have witnessed acts of violence and even deaths before.

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