Protestors storm into SUNA headquarters

A group of protestors belonging to the sit-in held in front of the Republican Palace stormed into Sudan News Agency’s (SUNA) main headquarters while a Freedom Forces Coalition press conference was being held inside.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

A group of protestors from the Republican Palace sit-in tried to barge into a Freedom Forces Coalition press conference that was being held at the SUNA headquarters in Khartoum.

SUNA’s director Mohammed Abdel Hameed announced that due to the protestors storming through the main gate, the press conference was going to be cancelled and rescheduled for another time.

Abdel Hameed noted that initially, three cars were protesting outside SUNA’s headquarters, then an unspecified number of pick-up trucks arrived, followed by an estimated 150-200 people arriving to join in the protests and the forceful entry into the building.

The SUNA director also warned that the protestors were violent and had forcibly made their way past the reception and made tire fires outside the main building.

He also revealed that he had phoned the police and that they were on their way.

Journalists attending the press conference also confirmed on social media that a violent group of protestors made their way past the security after assaulting them.

A source told AlTaghyeer the group then received orders to retreat before the police had arrived to secure the building.

After the group fled, the Freedom Forces Coalition’s press conference continued with the police now securing the parameter.

Social media posts revealed that the group then fled towards the Ministry of Information and staged a protest outside the ministry.

A video posted on Twitter showed the group raising banner before the ministry’s entrance and declaring that the ministry had now become “the sit-in media platform”, attributing their actions to “biased reporting against the Republican Palace sit-in.”

The group storming the SUNA headquarters is reported to belong to the 16th October demonstrations turned sit-in that took place last week demanding the dissolution of the civilian government in Sudan and replacing it with a military government.

The 16th October protestors then set up tents and staged a sit-in in front of the Republican Palace in Sudan.


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