Minister of Foreign Affairs meets Feltman

Maryam al-Sadiq al-Mahdi, the Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, met with Jeffrey Feltman, the US Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa, in her office today to discuss recent developments in Sudan.

AlTaghyeer: Khartoum

The Foreign Affairs’ meeting with Special Envoy Feltman dealt with the government’s efforts towards achieving democratic transition process in Sudan, in light of the recent wave of protests demanding the dissolution of one half of one the transitional authority.

Al-Mahdi stated that both protests, regardless of demands, have both followed legitimate democratic practices.

The Minister explained to the US envoy that she believes that the answer to Sudan’s dilemma lies in all parties involved in the transitional process using the constitutional document as a focal reference point, as well as other related initiatives, such as Prime Minister Hamdok’s “way forward” initiative.

In addition, the minister stressed on the need to get executive bodies within the state running, especially the legislative council.

Feltman commended the Sudanese public’s commitment to the democratic process, noting his particular admiration for the peaceful demonstrations that the Sudanese street has been witnessing as of late.

The US Special Envoy also reiterated his country’s commitment to aiding Sudan’s stability and peace and reinforcing partnerships between members of the transitional government.

He also called for the need to expedite the formation of the legislative council in Sudan.

Two diametrically opposed mass demonstrations have taken place in Sudan during the course of last week; one took place on the 16th of October, calling for the establishment of a military government, while the other, held on the 21st, saw an out pour of Sudanese citizens into the streets of Khartoum and various other states calling for the removal of the military component from within the transitional authority in Sudan.


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