Energy Minister: Sudan sending back ships to avoid fines

Jadein Ali Obaid, the Sudanese Minister of Energy and Petroleum, stated disallowing ships from entering Sudan’s waters has become regular since port closure.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Jadein stated to AlSharq TV that, in order to avoid incurring fines related to delayed offloading, Sudan has had to refuse fuel vessels entry into its waters.

Sudan has been facing a multitude of issues related to the ongoing port shutdown in Port Sudan.

Jadein has previously reserved to AlTaghyeer that the country’s reserves were being depleted at a “frightening pace” due to the stoppage of the port activities in the east and the closure of the national road linking the east of Sudan to the rest of the country.

The inability to move commodities to and from the ports in the east has led to a crisis in the production of wheat, which in turn has led to the reappearance of long queues in front of bakeries amidst the fears of wheat running out.

The government of Sudan, in order to make up for the wheat shortage in Khartoum, has had to rely on the reserve stock present in Dongola in order to meet the bread demands in the capital.

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