Government delegation headed to Port Sudan to discuss port, road closure

A government delegation sent by Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok headed to Port Sudan on Sunday to discuss the closure of the port and national roads.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The government delegation to Port Sudan, headed by Minister of Irrigation Yasser Abbas, the Health Minister Omar al-Najib, and the Prime Minister’s Peace Advisor Hassan Nassrallah, is destined to meet the head of the Supreme Beja Council, Muhammad al-Amin Tirk.

The government spokesperson, through an official statement, said that the visit aims at “emphasizing the keenness and seriousness of the government and the Prime Minister to reach an amicable solution for the unrest in the east, and help ease the citizen’s suffering.”

The meeting will also witness the participation of the UNITAMS delegate Stephanie Curry, to ensure the continuity of the efforts undertaken within the same framework.

Last month, the Beja council announced that will be closing off all roads leading into and out of the eastern part of Sudan, as well as shutdown all port activities, in protest of what it described as “developmental marginalization” carried against the east.

The Beja council also made its opinion clear regarding its utter refusal of what was proposed in the Juba Peace Agreement’s “eastern track” initiative, saying that it “did not represent the interests of the citizens of east Sudan.”

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