New Hamdok—Burhan agreement: Key points

Dr. Abdallah Hamdok was tasked with the creation of a technocracy in the agreement between Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok and Abdel Fattah al-Burhan on Sunday, reinstalling the former as the country’s Prime Minister once more.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Hamdok—Burhan deal highlights that the constitutional document drafted for in 2019 (2020 amendment) would act as the main reference point for the resumption of the transitional period with equal consideration being put for the people of east Sudan.

The agreement also stated that both military and civilian camps must acknowledge that the transitional partnership between them is the only guarantor towards the stability and security of Sudan.

Both sides were also instructed, as per the agreement, to commit to the formation of a “technocratic government” with its components being selected based on merit.

The role of the sovereignty council would be, as per the deal, to “supervise” carrying out the transitional tasks mentioned in section 8 of the constitutional document without direct interference into executive affairs.

The transfer of power must also take place at a stipulated time to an “elected civilian government” (redacted: at the end of the transitional period on June 2023).

The sixth item on the agreement decrees that the transitional period must be run within the framework of a political announcement that defines the partnership between political and civilian powers, the military component, native administrations, resistance committees, revolutionary bodies, youth sectors, women, and Sufists.

The agreement also decreed investigating into the events that took place during the peaceful demonstrations related to the injuries and deaths of both “civilians and military personnel” and to present the culprits for trial.

Another key highlight mentioned in deal was the expedition of the formation of the legislative council and the constitutional court, along with the appointment of chief justice and public prosecutor.

Both sides, as per the agreement, would agree on restructuring the Empowerment Removal Committee and thoroughly review its performance during the past term, in addition to injecting the committee with qualified cadres.

The final three items in the newly penned deal pertain to the release of all political prisoners, the formation of a unified national army, and the overturn of the al-Burhan decision to relieve Prime Minister Hamdok of his duties, taken on the 25th of last October.

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