SPA attacks Burhan – Hamdok agreement

The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) described the Hamdok – Burhan agreement as a “dangerous setback”, signalling an acceptance of the military council’s guardianship over the revolution and the transitional period.

AlTaghyeer: Fateh al-Rahman Ahmed Mohammed

The SPA described the agreement between al-Burhan and Hamdok, signed Sunday, to have legitimized the military council’s guardianship over the transitional period.

The association, through it’s official Facebook page, stated that by doing so, it gives the council the authority to stage another coup should it feel dissatisfied with the political process, and could enable the military council to take over once more should it feel threatened by a civilian government capable of holding them accountable.

The SPA explained that the revolution’s political compass does not hinge on Hamdok, but rather the public’s desire for a civilian government, peace, freedom, and justice.

The association called on everyone to get involved in the formation of union bodies at the workplace, and to take part in peaceful means of revolt such as work strikes and protests.

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