Violence in West Darfur forces thousands to Chad

Violence ravaging the Jebel Moon area of the West Darfur state has forced a large number of people to flee towards eastern Chad.

AlTaghyeer: Khartoum

The Misseriya tribe of the Jebel Moon area in West Darfur has stated that many of its members have fled to Chad in light of the recent violence surging through the area.

According to reports, tribal fighting between farmers and herders has led to the estimated death of 21- 32 people, the loss of around 20 infants, and the burning of a number of villages.

An eyewitness revealed to Al-Sayha newspaper that the atrocities took place due to herdsmen driving their cattle into farm areas, and overdue blood money “diyya” payments.

The governor of West Darfur held the native administrations responsible for the events that took place, and stated that “it is very unfortunate that these events have come after the signing of the Juba Peace Agreement.”

The Darfur24 news agency reported that the areas along the West Darfur – Chad border have been witnessing “security tensions and wide mobilization movements” after the theft of over 300 heads of camel near El Geneina, the state’s capital.

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