Sudan: Political leaders enter hunger strike in captivity

Today, Friday, the Congress Party in Sudan announced the entry of political detainees by the coup authorities on an open hunger strike.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Congress Party in Sudan, in a statement, declared that “the political detainees – who are being held near the Shendi station – entered into an open hunger strike, starting today, Friday.”

“The strike comes due to their continued arbitrary detention since the October 25th coup and deprivation of most basic legal rights,” the statement added.

The statement indicated that at the head of the political detainees on hunger strike are the Minister of Cabinet Affairs in the government dissolved during the coup, Khaled Omar Yussuf, the political secretary of the Sudanese Congress Party Sharif Muhammad Othman, and the leader of the Federal Gathering, Jaafar Hassan, in addition to others.

Since the October 25th coup, dozens of political leaders, resistance committee members and leaderships, and activists, have been taken to unknown locations. Many protesters who took to the streets after the coup were killed and injured by regular forces cracking down on protest marches.

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