Sudanese army suffers casualties on the eastern border

The Sudanese army lost a number of soldiers – with others wounded— during new battles with the Ethiopian forces on the border between the two countries.

AlTaghyeer: Amal Muhammad al-Hassan

A well-informed military source revealed to AlTaghyeer that the Sudanese army counted a number of casualties and wounded as a result of clashes with the Ethiopian forces in the Malkamo area on the eastern border.

The source did not reveal the number of martyrs and wounded, but acknowledged that “the number is large.”

The attack took place, according to the source, this Saturday, while the Sudanese forces were seeking to clean Camp “Malkau” to expel the Ethiopian militias that “took advantage of the fall season and turned the place into a haven for crime, human trafficking, and contraband”.

The Sudanese army was met with an ambush, which the military source described as “compact” and “systematic” in design, which besieged the Sudanese forces and resulted in a large number of dead and wounded.

The source said that the Ethiopian forces were able to inflict losses on the army due to their great knowledge of the land, valleys, and roads.

He confirmed that the armed forces managed to liberate the camp after a clash that lasted for two hours.

The military source indicated that they were unable to hold onto the land due to the Ethiopian side’s continuous fire.

Since the end of last year, the Sudanese army has carried out large-scale redeployment in areas of al-Fashaga that used to be controlled by Ethiopian government backed “Shifta” gangs.

Sudan adhered to its right to its lands and to re-impose its control over them, and that it did not go beyond the borders of the country, while Ethiopia accused it of exploiting the internal situation to extend its control over areas within its borders.

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