Al-Burhan: Elements within police responsible for protesters’ killings

In his interview with Financial Times, the coup enforcer, leader of the Sudanese Armed Forces Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, revealed that “some elements within the police” and “armed people linked with political parties” might have been responsible for the killing of the protesters.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Abde Fattah al-Burhan denied claims that both his forces and his deputy’s—Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, leader of the Rapid Support Forces – had any part in the murder of peaceful protesters during the 3 weeks of internet blackout.

Al-Burhan instead hinted at the possibility “elements within the police” and “armed people linked with political parties” being responsible for the murders.

The Khartoum Chief of Police Khalid Mahdi Ibrahim however, denied his forces having had any part in the murder of protesters, emphasizing that the police are tasked primarily with protecting citizens and have only used tear gas to contain violence at the protests.

The Sudanese Armed Forces leader also revealed to the Financial Times that only 10 people have died during the protests according to official figures, while vowing to prosecute those responsible.

The Sudanese Doctors’ Committee has estimated that around 42 people have been killed during the protests that ensued following al-Burhan’s decision to take over the Sudanese government on the 25th of October.

The 17th of November demonstrations witnessed the most excessive use of violence to break up protests, amassing 15 deaths as per medical sources.

In addition, hundreds of injuries were also reported by the Sudanese doctors’ committee across Khartoum.

Last week, al-Burhan and the recently reinstalled Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok, who was detained by al-Burhan after the coup along with his government, penned a deal that would “legitimize” the coup as per critics.

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