Ethiopian government denies reports of assault on Sudanese troops

The Ethiopian government spokesperson described the latest Sudanese accusations of Ethiopian assault on its troops as “groundless”.

AlTaghyeer: Agencies

According to al-Jazeera, the Ethiopian government’s spokesperson, Legesse Tulu, blamed the “ambush” the Sudanese troops were exposed to in the al-Fashaga on rebels from the Tigray region, more specifically the TPLF.

“A large group of insurgents, bandits and terrorists had entered [from Sudan],” Legesse was quoted by al-Jazeera.

The spokesperson, as per al-Jazeera, also said that the TPLF were training on Sudanese soil and receiving support from “unspecified foreign backers”.

Legesse stated however, that the Ethiopian National Defense Force does not intend to attack any sovereign country, and that the Ethiopian government intends on resolving the dispute in a peaceful manner, in regards to “land that the Sudanese forces have invaded”.


On Saturday, a Sudanese military resource revealed to AlTaghyeer that an ambush that had targeted Sudanese army officers in the Malkamo area on the eastern border had resulted in several casualties among the army’s ranks.

The Ethiopian forces clashed with the Sudanese forces in the Malkamo area while the Sudanese forces were present to drive away Ethiopian militias “turned the place into a haven for crime, human trafficking, and contraband”.

The source said that the Ethiopian forces were able to inflict losses on the army due to their great knowledge of the land, valleys, and roads.

Since last year, the Sudanese army has carried out large-scale redeployment in areas belonging to the disputed zone of al-Fashaga that used to be controlled by Ethiopian government backed “Shifta” gangs.

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