Ethiopian Emergency: refugees continue entry into Sudan

A specialized committee confirmed the presence of more than 43 Ethiopian refugees from the Tigray tribe in Sudan, in permanent camps in the border state of Gedaref, while the entry of refugees fleeing the war into Sudan continues.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Ethiopian Emergency Committee’s report from the Sudanese state of Gedaref revealed that the total number of refugeestransferred from the reception centers in the east of the country to the permanent camps in “Umm Rakuba” and “al-Tunaida” has reached “43,187”, most of them from Tigray.

Tens of thousands of Ethiopians have been fleeing the war between the central government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front ever since the end 2020.

The committee’s daily report monitors the entry of Ethiopian refugees to reception centers in eastern Sudan and Damazin, deportation from Hamdayet reception center to al-Tunaidiba camp, as well as deportation from Basanda center to Babakri camp, in addition to fingerprinting by the refugee commission and the UNHCR.

The report indicated that the number of those fingerprint-registered in Hamdayet reception, until this Sunday, amounted to “5368”, with the total number of those registered with fingerprints until Sunday was “8544” Tigrayans.

The report stated, according to SUNA, that the total number of people transferred from the reception centers in Damazin to Camp No. 6 amounted to 3,541 from the Qumuz tribe.

And that the total number transferred from the Basanda reception center to the Babakri camp is “1465” from the Komnt tribe.

Also, the total number of people transferred from the reception centers in eastern Sudan to al-Tunaidiba camp until Sunday “22571”from Tigray.

The report stated that the asylum seekers from the Ethiopian peacekeeping forces in Umm Qarqur camp made up(120) and from the Qumuz tribe in Basanda locality in the villages of “Taya, Umm Diblo, Haskanet, and Wad al-Agouz” (1409).

It also confirmed that “212” Tigrayans in Camp No. 6 are awaiting deportation to the permanent camps, while “94” Tigrayans entered the Shajarab camp during the ongoing war, awaiting transferral to the permanent camps.

The report explained that “62” from the Komnt tribe in the Umm Rakouba camp are awaiting deportation to the Komnt’s Babakri camp.

The Ethiopian Emergency Committee confirmed the continuation of transferrals from the Hamdayet reception center to al-Tunaidiba, and from the Basandeh reception center to Babakri camp.

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