Minawi vows to pursue West Darfur violence perpetrators

The governor of Darfur, Minni Arko Minawi, announced that the perpetrators of the violence incidents that took place in West Darfur state on Monday, which left dozens dead and wounded, are being pursued.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

Minawi, who arrived to Darfur for the first time in months, condemned the events of violence that took place in West Darfur, before confirming that the perpetrators were being chased.

Before the October 25th coup, Minawi had delegated his powers to the former governor of East Darfur, Muhammad Issa Aliu, who assumed the duties of the governor.

“All of you followed the unfortunate bloody events that began in West Darfur, in which a number of individuals were killed, and some injured to varying degrees,” Minawi said in a statement on Monday.

“There is no doubt that there are individuals that do not want this region to stabilize and rise because that conflicts with their interests,” he added.

“This afternoon, December 6th, the area west of Zamzam camp, about 10 kilometers from el-Fasher, witnessed a vicious attack on unarmed innocent citizens, as they were exposed to a hail of bullets, which led to the death of a number people and the wounding of others.”

Minawi stressed that, as the governor of the Darfur, he made a number of phone calls with several officials, including the leadership of the Sixth Infantry Division and the Rapid Support Forces, to intervene and confront any attempt to attack the citizens, and the need for the response to be decisive and deterrent.

The governor also indicated that he communicated with the governor of the North Darfur state and security leaders to prevent any reaction against innocent, defenseless citizens in Zamzam camp or any area within the state.


Minawi called on citizens to be patient, wise, and self-restrained so that the issue does not escalate and prevent more deaths and injuries.

Since last month, violence has escalated in the volatile Darfur region.

In October 2020, major armed movements in Darfur signed a peace agreement with the transitional government, in hopes of ending nearly two decades of conflict Darfur.

According to the peace agreement, about 12 soldiers from various forces were to be deployed to protect civilians; a measure which, as of this moment, has yet to be implemented.

The peace agreement has face sharp criticism, with critics panning it for having not yet succeeded in achieving peace on the ground.

The termination of UNAMID’s mandate last December revealed that the region is still mired in armed conflicts, highlighting the government’s continued failure to achieve stability.

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