Six assaults and sexual assault in North Darfur village

The Coordination of Displaced Persons and Refugees in Darfur said today, Tuesday, that armed militias launched an attack on the village of Mara Fattat in North Darfur state, wounding 6 people and sexually assaulting a woman in the process.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The attack took place around 8 pm on Monday, in the village of Mara Fattat, located about 8 km west of the town of Tawila, North Darfur.

According to a statement by the coordination spokesperson, Adam Rejal, the attack began with the assailants shooting bullets into the air, causing most of the village’s residents to flee.

He pointed out that the injured, most of them elderly, were assaulted sticks and rifle butts.

“A report of the incident was opened at the Tawila police station. Those injured have been transported to a local hospital,” he said.

“The number of the gunmen was 12, riding camel and horseback, and carrying Kalashnikovs,” he said.

With regard to the situation in Krink area in West Darfur state, reports noted that the number of victims rose to 45 deaths and 46 injuries.

He explained that the humanitarian situation is deteriorating, with humanitarian services direly needed, the most important of which are food, housing, and important luggage to help against the cold.

The statement indicated that the militias had also attacked some areas surrounding the Krink locality.

The statement stressed that the security situation in Darfur in general remained turbulent and militia attacks on defenseless civilians increased after the October 25th coup.

He also added that the current events have coincided with the harvest season in Darfur, and thus harmed the agricultural season, because “whatever was produced was either taken by force or burned.”

According to men, the recent attacks caused the largest wave of displacement since the overthrow of the Omar al-Bashir’s regime in Sudan on April 2019.

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