House of Representatives condemns Sudan coup

The Foreign Affairs Committee at the US House of Representatives has approved a bill to condemn, identify, and punish the actors in the 25th October coup in Sudan.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

On Thursday, the House of Representatives was presented a bill by the House Foreign Affairs Committee titled “condemning the October 25, 2021, military coup in Sudan and standing with the people of Sudan.”

The bill declared that it condemns the October 25th coup and stands with the people of Sudan in their democratic aspirations.

The bill also noted that it recognizes the Prime Minister and his cabinet as the legitimate authority in Sudan, and called for the release of all detainees.

The leadership of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, as agreed upon during the hearing, must be transferred to a civilian member in keeping with the transitional constitution.

Security forces, namely the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces, must respect the right to peaceful protest and hold those who used excessive and lethal force accountable in a “transparent, credible process.”

In addition, the military “cease all attempts to change the civilian composition of the cabinet, Sovereign Council, and other government bodies.”

All non-humanitarian aid to Sudan, in the event the bill passes the senate, is to be suspended until the transitional constitutional order is reinstated in Sudan.

The bill also stated that the US government will give its treasury department the right to use its voice to “suspend all actions related to non-humanitarian loans or debt relief to Sudan until restoration of the transitional constitutional order.”

The US also hopes its permanent Representative at the United Nations to seize the UN Security Council on the matter on a continuous basis, and called on international partners join United States efforts in imposing targeted sanctions on the junta and coup accomplices, monitoring, discouraging, and deterring any efforts by external parties to support the junta.

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