Idriss: Darfur situation might affect national security

Member of the Sovereign Council, al-Hadi Idriss, stressed that the issue of security in Darfur will be a top priority for the government during the coming period.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

A member of the putschist Sovereign Council, Hadi Idris, warned that what is happening in Darfur from security threats will negatively affect national security, and acknowledged that the government is responsible for providing security.

The Darfur region is currently witnessing major security breaches and bloody tribal conflicts that have killed more than 188 people in West and North Darfur states and displaced a large number of citizens.

Idriss, visited the “Jadeed al-Sil” camp in el-Fasher, North Darfur on Saturday, with the purpose of assembling a joint force tasked with resolving security breaches in the states of Darfur.

“We want to gather these forces in a new camp and spread them in the states of North and West and South Darfur,” said Idriss, pointing out that his visit aims at finding out on-the-ground logistical and technical arrangements, as well as survey the camp’s readiness to receive roughly 3,321 joint forces.

Logistical Aid

Idriss mentioned that the government was also keen on providing logistical aid before the arrival of the forces in the coming days.

On the other hand, the designated Wali of North Darfur, Nimr Muhammad Abdul Rahman, explained that the formation of the joint force aims to extend the prestige of the state and address security breaches.

It will have a positive role in enhancing the security process in the states of Darfur, and it will be a great gift that the government offers to the citizens of Darfur,” Nimr said.

He acknowledged that security has become an obsession for all citizens in the Darfur region, especially the states that have witnessed security breaches.

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