Hamdok’s political advisor resigns, reveals disappointment

On Saturday evening, Arman published the text of his resignation, in which he expressed his disappointment with Hamdok not seeking to meet him after his release from detention.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The former political advisor to the Sudanese Prime Minister and Deputy Chairman of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, Yasser Arman, revealed that the Prime Minister appointed by the coup authorities, Abdullah Hamdok, ignored his meeting after he was released from his detention on November 22.

He also confirmed that he did not receive any allowances throughout his tenure, which lasted from July 2021, until the army coup against the transitional authority on October 25th.

“After my recent release from prison on November 22, 2021, I was expecting that you would invite me for a last meeting so that I could submit my resignation to you directly, as was the case when you appointed me, and to have the opportunity to explain to you in full respect the divergence of positions between us before and after the October 25th coup, especially after the November 21 agreement,” Arman’s resignation letter read.

“Since the direct meeting did not take place and I did not receive a written statement of my testimony, I thought it was necessary to submit my resignation,” the letter continued.

Unpaid Work

The former political advisor to the Sudanese Prime Minister also revealed that he worked without a monthly salary or a government car allocated to him throughout his work period.

Addressing the Prime Minister, he wrote in his resignation: “During the period of my work with you, you did not have the opportunity to ask me about personal issues related to the performance of my duties, and I never discussed that with you.”

And he continued, “I would like to inform you in the record of proving this mission, that throughout the period of performing my duties as a political advisor, I used my private car and did not use any government car except for four days, and that I apologized to my dear friend Hatem Kattan, who discussed with me, by virtue of my duties, moving into a government house in the Airport District.”

Arman clarified that he still lives in his own house, and added that he will “contact the Prime Minister’s office to donate any allocations that belong to me to Tabat Rural Hospital in the Gezira State.”

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