Hamdok issues new decision regarding state governors

Abdallah Hamdok, the head of the coup government in Sudan, issued a new decision regarding the governors of states in charge of managing their affairs, exempting some and assigning others until further notice.

Khartoum – Al-Sayha

The head of the coup government in Sudan, Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok, issued a decision to terminate the assignment of the mandated state governors, assigning replacements to carry on their tasks until further notice.

The decision came based on the recommendation of the Minister of Federal Government and pursuant to the provisions of the Constitutional Document.

In early December, Minister of Local Government, Buthaina Dinar issued a decision dismissing and appointing government secretaries in the states, under the directives of the head of the coup government.

The decision directed the Federal Government and other concerned authorities to take measures to implement the decision.

The first decision of the head of the coup government was to replace all the acting secretaries of state governments who were appointed by the coup leader Abdel Fattah al-Burhan after his overthrow of the civilian government in late October.

According to previous directives, the decision came as part of the efforts of Hamdok, who returned to his position after signing an agreement with the army reversing the decisions made by the Military Council after seizing power after the 25th October coup.

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