Sudan Doctor Union confirms 199 dead in Darfur since October

The Sudan Doctors Union announced that 199 people have been killed across three states in Darfur due to tribal conflict that has been ongoing since the beginning of last October.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Sudan Doctors Union branches in Darfur revealed that 16 people have died in central Darfur since the onset of tribal conflicts In the area that began last October.

In a newly released field report, the committee announced that the number of those who died in those conflicts in West, Central, and South Darfur, since October, has totaled 199.

The numbers, according to the committee, are not conclusive and only show the numbers of victims who have been registered at the state’s health facilities, announcing that others have been buried locally without their cause of death being documented.

The committees’ report pleaded all those invested in humanitarian and legal work to investigate these deaths in a responsible and precise manner, to help uncover the reasons behind the “the free-of-charge deaths of our nations’ people”.

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