SPA accuses authorities in Sudan of planned internet interruption

The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) revealed that the authorities’ in Sudan intend to cut off internet and communication services – once again – in fear of the mass demonstrations scheduled for December 19.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The SPA accused the coup authorities of planning to cut off the internet and communication services once more, and to close roads and bridges “after having used “systematic killing and excessive force in the face of the peaceful processions conducted by the revolutionary forces.”

The association said in a press statement on Friday that the putschist coalition comprising of the military and Abdallah Hamdok continues its repressive practices without a compass, and these measures are taken in fear of the expected mass demonstrations of two million people expected on December 19.

He added, “Our great people and their forces have experienced these authoritarian fascist tactics, and they are capable and ready to defeat them with the organization and innovative tools that they have been creating for three years.”

In another direction, the SPA condemned the attack on a public symposium organized by the Central Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change in the Rabat Square in Shambat.

“Despite our deep disagreement with the visions and practices of the Central Council and its deviation from the course of the revolution, we strongly condemn, in the strongest terms, the targeting of public platforms and attempts to silence mouths and confiscate the rights of expression, assembly and organization from any party…,” the SPA statement read.

The assembly called on the masses to unite with other revolutionary forces in order to defeat the putschists and their “flimsy civil cover”, and to install the people’s full civil authority, which, when carried out under the protection of the masses, will “transform the revolution’s program and goals into a reality.”

The SPA appealed to the masses of all sects to come out and participate widely and effectively in the processions on December 19th.

The Sudanese Professionals Association is considered the spearhead of the Sudanese revolution, and it withdrew from all the structures of the Forces for Freedom and Change last year, in protest of what it saw as violations of the coalition charter.

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