Protesters in Sudan storm Republican Palace

The December 19th processions denouncing al-Burhan–Hamdok agreement in Sudan saw large numbers of people pour into the Republican Palace yard.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

December 19th, the date that marked the 3rd anniversary of the revolution in Sudan that toppled Omar al-Bashir’s regime, saw the popular demonstrations reach the Republican Palace yard.

Protests erupted all over Sudan, in Khartoum and various other states, demanding the immediate transferal of power from the hands of the military to a civilian leadership.

Khartoum, its twin cities of Omdurman and Bahri, as well as al-Ubayyid, Port Sudan, Atbara – whose demonstrators announced earlier this week that they were staging a walk all the way until the processions in Khartoum – and many other Sudanese cities witnessed scores of people pouring out into the street in protest of the Hamdok – Burhan agreement.

Security forces countered the protestors on their march with, as eyewitnesses reported, a large amount of tear gas.

People present during the marches also confirmed to AlTaghyeer had sprayed the protesters with sewage water in order to halt their progress.

During the afternoon, the masses managed to break the security barrier and found their way into the Republican Palace’s perimeter, which they had stayed until late hours of the day before news emerged of the security forces having dispersed the protesters’ planned sit-in at the palace.

The Sudan Doctors central Union announced that a number of processions were met with violence, resulting in hundreds of injuries, while resistance committees in eastern Khartoum announced that one fatality had been recorded.

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