Agar: Removing military from power must be done through elections only

A member of the putschist sovereignty council, Malik Agar, said that the December 19 processions making it to the republican palace was to celebrate the revolution’s 3rd anniversary, and sad that the protesters could have even entered the palace had they wished to.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

A member of the putschist sovereignty council and armed movement leader Malik Agar said that the military council in Sudan can only be removed from power through elections, noting that the situation in Sudan requires a coup due to it being “bad and in need of change.”

Agar said during a Blue Nile TV interview that the current crisis Sudan is going through was caused by a mismanagement of the transitional period “by all parties involved”, and described the political powers in Sudan as “phobic of a military presence in power.”

The head of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front said that the protesters, who managed to break into the republican palace on December 19th, were allowed in to celebrate the revolution’s anniversary, and that the doors were open for them and they were not stopped, and could have even ventured into the palace if they wanted.

Agar’s claims come after the security forces in Sudan dispersed a planned sit-in at the Republican Palace’s perimeters through the use of excessive violence, leading to two confirmed deaths on December 19.

The UN Human Rights office had also revealed that it had received reports regarding 13 counts of rape, mostly targeting females, carried out by the Sudanese security forces during the latest demonstrations.

Hundreds of thousands of Sudanese people took to the streets on December 19th, the third anniversary of the Sudanese revolution that removed Omar al-Bashir from office, denouncing the 25th October coup d’etat orchestrated by Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, and the 21st November agreement signed between al-Burhan and newly reinstated Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok.

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