FFC working on “united popular front” to overthrow coup government

The Central Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) affirmed its continuity in working with all the forces of the revolution in order to fulfill the present requirements.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Central Council of the FFC revealed that it had accomplished significant steps towards building a united front to confront the military coup in Sudan.

The Council affirmed its continued work with all the revolutionary forces in order to meet the what the “current situation requires”, in particular a united popular front designed to overthrow the coup.

In a statement on Saturday, they indicated that “long and measured steps” have been taken towards reaching this goal.

They also called on all forces of the revolution to continue the peaceful escalation of the mass resistance movement.

In its statement, the council condemned what it described as the “crimes of the coup authority,” the use of live bullets, the storming of hospitals, preventing medical teams from performing their humanitarian duty, preventing the injured from reaching hospitals, and cutting off Internet and communications services.

It considered that all of these constitute crimes that violate local and international laws and customs, and that the perpetrators will inevitably be brought to justice.

“We affirm that we are continuing to work with all the forces of the revolution in order to fulfill the requirements of the current situation, especially the United Popular Front to confront and overthrow the coup,” the statement said.

“The coup authority continued its tireless efforts to prevent our people from exercising their right to peaceful expression and resisting the coup,” it added.

The FFC explained that despite the oppression, the “will of truth shall overcome the oppression machine”, while reiterating their adherence to the establishment of a complete civil state.

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