Sovereignty Council addresses sexual violence reports for first time

On Monday, the Sovereignty Council in Sudan called for an investigation into the rape incidents that took place on the 19th of December processions.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Sovereignty Council stated on its Facebook page that it directed the authorities under it to investigate “what is being circulated in the media regarding the rape incidents during the 19th of December this month.”

The statement published on the Sovereignty Council’s page is the first mention of the rape incidents committed against female protesters reported by international organizations and local medical reports.

The Prime Minister of the coup government, Abdallah Hamdok, has yet to comment on the sexual abuse that committed by the security forces on the 19th of December.

Despite 10 days passing since those incidents – which were denounced by the international community and the UN – the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Sudan has yet to announce the opening of any probing into cases of rape and sexual violence carried out by the security forces against female demonstrators.

Local and international human rights organizations condemned the coup authorities’ attempt to use rape “as a weapon to prevent Sudanese women from participating in the demonstrations.”

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