Central Committee of Sudan Doctors confirms 4 new causalities during demonstrations

The Central Committee  of Sudan Doctors confirmed the fall of “4” martyrs and a large number of wounded in the city of Omdurman, during the demonstrations of the “30th” of December that took place in many Sudanese cities in opposition to the military coup of the army commander against the civilian authority in the country.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

According to the Central Committee of Doctors of Sudan, four of the dead were killed in Omdurman, the national capital of Sudan.

Medical sources confirmed that the security forces and the police had killed 4 protesters in Omdurman, wounded 29 others with live bullets, and prevented the injured from receiving treatment.

The number of victims of peaceful protests against the military coup since October 25 has risen to 52, including 10 dead, after the signing of the political agreement between the army chief and the prime minister on November 21.

The security forces used live bullets, tear gas and sound bombs to disperse thousands of demonstrators in the vicinity of the presidential palace in Khartoum, while ambulances found great difficulties in treating the injured and transporting them from one hospital to another due to the continuous targeting of paramedics, medical staff and ambulances.

Sudanese Capital

Since the early hours of the morning, the Sudanese capital has turned into a military barracks, coinciding with the launch of new rallies calling for civilian rule, at the invitation of the resistance committees, the Sudanese Professionals Association and a number of political parties and organizations.

The coup authorities also cut off communications and the internet from mobile phones for the third time before a major protest.

Coinciding with the new rallies, life stopped completely in the capital and a number of other cities in the country, as schools, state institutions, banks and most markets were closed.

Prior to the announced December 30th processions, the leaders of the military coup granted the General Intelligence Service the powers to arrest, ban, and restrict the movement of people, while giving them full immunity from legal accountability.

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