Sudanese Journalists Network condemns attacks against journalists on December 30

The Sudanese Journalists Network condemned the violent attacks carried out by the regime’s apparatus and militias against media professionals and journalists during their coverage of the December 30 protests.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Sudanese Journalists Network (SJN) confirmed the “repressive” coup authorities’ attacks against two correspondents from Al-Sharq news channel, Sally Othman and Maha Al-Talb, detaining both in the channel’s office for hours and prevented them from carrying out their duties.

SJN also stated that the forces of the revolutionary security services stormed the office of Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath news channels, assaulting journalists and crew members, injuring a number of them.

In a related context, the Sudanese Journalists’ Network condemned the continued interruption of the internet and telephone service, which marks the third instance of communication services being disabled before a major protest.

Blocking the World

In its statement, the network said that “the attempt to hide what is going on in Sudan will inevitably be met by a failure. The extent of the killing, repression, and terrorist practices are documented, and these repressive practices will not diminish the resolve of the revolutionaries and will not prevent our people from achieving the goals of the revolution in freedom, justice, peace and equality.”

The network also stressed that these attacks will not prevent journalists from fulfilling their noble role.

Security footage in circulation showed the moment the coup forces stormed the offices of Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath, using excessive violence towards the staff, frisking and assaulting them, as well as deploying tear gas canisters inside the building.

The director of the Al-Hadath TV channel office in Khartoum, Lina Yaqoub, said in an interview with the channel that joint security forces stormed the office and maliciously beat the working team and herself, and berated her for “exposing them to the entire world.”

She explained that this had happened after the channel broadcast direct scenes of violence committed by the security forces against the demonstrators, among which was the heavy use of tear gas, using blue colored water to disperse protesters, in addition to viciously assaulting the demonstrators.

Victims of the Coup

On Thursday, 4 demonstrators were killed while participating in protests in Omdurman, bringing the total victims of the military coup to 52.

The coup security forces are confronting peaceful protests demanding the overthrow of the military coup and the establishment of civilian authority by excessive use of bullets, sound bombs and tear gas.

The Central Doctors Committee had announced the fall of 4 martyrs and a large number of wounded in the city of Omdurman, during the 30th December demonstrations that took place in many Sudanese cities.

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