Hamdok steps down as Prime Minister of Sudan

Dr. Abdallah Hamdok has notified the people of Sudan via a televised conference that he has officially quit his post as Prime Minister, following the January 2 demonstrations in Sudan.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

After a month of uncertainty regarding his resignation, Dr. Abdallah Hamdok has officially stepped down from his post as Prime Minister in al-Burhan’s government.

Hamdok stressed that divisions between the two partners were reflected in both government and society, which in turn affected the performance and effectiveness of the state at various levels,

He pointed out that the most dangerous of those divisions were those that had reached society and led to the emergence of hate speech and treason.

Not recognizing the other, and blocking the horizon of dialogue between everyone “made the transition process fragile and full of obstacles and challenges,” he said.

Dialogue and Compromise

The now resigned Prime Minister pointed out that his government had “succeeded in some issues and failed in others,” noting that his government’s approach has always been dialogue and consensus.

Hamdok affirmed that his acceptance of the Prime Minister position, in August 2019, was based on a constitutional document and political consensus between the civilian and military components that did not failed to carry the same degree of commitment and harmony with which it had began.

He said that the people are the final sovereign authority, and that the armed forces are the forces of the people, who obey their orders, preserve their security, preserve their unity and the safety of their lands.

The Great Crisis

Hamdok considered that the major crisis in Sudan is a political crisis in the first place, but it is gradually evolving and revolving to include all aspects of economic and social life, and is on its way to becoming a comprehensive crisis.

He concluded his speech addressing the Sudanese public by saying: “I have decided to return you what was entrusted to me and announce to you my resignation from the position of Prime Minister, to make way for another daughter or son of this generous country, to complete the leadership of our dear country and guide it during the remainder of the transition to the civil, democratic, reviving state, and I ask God To reconcile everyone who comes after me for reunion.”

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