Sudanese public on the Abdallah Hamdok resignation

The news of the resignation of Sudanese Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok from his post triggered wide reactions from social networking sites, most characterized by a high appreciation for the ex-Prime Minister.

AlTaghyeer: Fateh Al-Rahman

Sudanese citizens expressed their sadness at the announcement made by the Prime Minister of the transitional government, Dr. Abdallah Hamdok, in which he had formally announced his resignation from his position, on Sunday evening.

Their reactions, which they expressed on social media, expressed great appreciation for the man and respect for his position, even though he could not achieve the goal he had striven for.

Difficult Time

AlTaghyeer monitored some reactions on Facebook, with some citizens saying that the prime minister’s resignation came at a difficult time in which political quarrels made it difficult to unify visions, and added that “the man [Hamdok] made every effort to what he can do, but the politicians were messy.”

Other citizens had high praise for him, saying that Hamdok “is a national symbol; honest, chivalrous and an independent man.”

A Second Chance

Some seemed unable to comprehend the idea of ​​the prime minister stepping off in the middle of the road, before the glorious December revolution slogans and aspirations of the Sudanese revolutionaries were realized by his hands, as many expressed their desire for the man to continue as a symbol of civility and revolution.

A citizen called on the youth to give Hamdok the opportunity until the end of the transitional period, and noted that his latest agreement came with the aim of sparing Sudanese people the bloodshed.

Another expressed their sorrow over the fate of the country after the man left his position, saying that “may God be kind to Sudan,” and swore that Hamdok is the right man “in the wrong, wrong place,” and warned the Sudanese pubic, saying: “Let’s prepare for Hemedti and Burhan’s genocide.”

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