Person killed during militia-led armed robbery in North Darfur

The official spokesman for the General Coordination of Displaced Persons and Refugees, Adam Rijal, said that armed militia attacks in North Darfur have led to the death of a displaced person on Wednesday during an armed robbery.

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According to Rijal, the incident took place in the Peace Camp in Kabkabiya, North Darfur, during an armed robbery that took place on the road linking Sirtoni Camp and Kabkabiya, after the militia fired indiscriminately at a commercial vehicle on the road.

The accident led to the death of the 32-year-old rickshaw driver, and a report was opened at the Kabkabiya Police Station, and then the dead body was transferred to the city hospital mortuary.

In addition to the death, the 3 motorbike riding gunmen looted the passengers’ money and belongings.

In a statement sent to AlTaghyeer, Rijal indicated that the Janjaweed militia was blocking pathways for the movement of goods and travelers from cities, localities, villages, valleys, and camps for the displaced in Darfur.

He stressed that these repeated attacks and crimes are part of lax security that the Darfur region has been consistently experiencing.

He noted that the region was at the mercy of the Janjaweed militia and the security services, which he said “have become addicted” to committing systematic violations and crimes against the displaced and innocent defenseless civilians.

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