National Umma Party calls for transparent investigations into protesters, police chief death

The National Umma Party in Sudan called for a transparent investigation into the killing of protesters during mass demonstrations, in addition to identifying the killers of the police officer during the January 13th demonstrations.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

The Sudanese National Umma Party called on the judicial authorities to conduct a transparent investigation and reveal the identity of those who have been killing protesters, and bring them to a fair trial.

The Umma party also called the authorities to those involved in the death of the police officer during the demonstrations that took place on Thursday, January 13th, as well as outline the motives behind the murder to the public.

The party noted that “otherwise, the question will be about complicity in achieving justice and the scheme to drag the country into violence and chaos.”

On Thursday, mass demonstrations took place in the capital, Khartoum, and other cities, during which a protester was killed.

The Ministry of the Interior in Sudan also announced the murder of Police Brigadier General Ali Barima Hammad during the demonstrations.


In a circular regarding yesterday’s processions, the Umma Party considered that the demonstrations in the capital and the states yesterday confirms the “zeal, insistence, and desire of the revolutionaries for democratic civilian rule.”

The Ummah pointed out that the peaceful processions were confronted with excessive violence, which led to the death of a protesters and the wounding of others, in addition to a large-scale arrest campaign targeting activists in resistance committees and political forces.

In addition, the circular bemoaned the beatings, harm and torture, which affected large numbers, and continued systematic violations against media institutions by security forces.

The party described the stabbing of a police chief that resulted in his death as a remarkable and dangerous development.

It affirmed its rejection of the violence that took place in the face of peaceful processions, and warned the putschists of the consequences of its continuation.

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