Sudan records 5 deaths from COVID and 272 new infections

The Ministry of Health in Sudan announced 5 new COVID related deaths, and “272” new infection cases, including 54 cases coming from travelers.

Khartoum: AlTaghyeer

A report issued by the Federal Ministry of Health indicated that the new infections were distributed among “233” cases in Khartoum, “8” in the River Nile State, “6” in Northern/Shamaliya, “4” in the Blue Nile State, “17” in White Nile and “3” in Gedaref, and one in North Darfur.

The report indicated that there were also “45” new cases of recovery, in addition to five deaths, from COVID at a rate of one death each for Northern, Sennar and River Nile states, and two deaths in North Kordofan.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health called for the necessity of vaccinating, wearing masks, washing hands with soap and water, using sterilizers, and prompt reporting in case of symptoms, as well as promoting healthy behaviors, not shaking hands, and social distancing.

The health authorities in Sudan noted that there was an increase in COVID cases in recent days, confirming that “248” cases were recorded within one day.

The health authorities in the capital, Khartoum, had warned of the escalation of infections with the COVID virus, as part of a fourth wave of the epidemic.

Obstacles to Vaccination

The Director of the General Department of Basic Health Care at the Federal Ministry of Health, Dr. Dalia Idris Hassan, said that among obstacles facing the vaccination process against COVID nowadays was that the vaccines that do arrive have a very short validity period.

She also noted that there are technical problems facing vaccination operations, especially ones concerned with the current political instability in Sudan.

The military coup in Sudan, and the changes that occurred in government structures, interrupted the Ministry of Health’s systematic efforts to combat the virus, and to attract international support for the health sector.

The health authorities urged Sudanese citizens to go to the vaccination centers and get jabbed with the COVID vaccines.

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